Thursday, January 27, 2011

Literal Tabs in Vi

My .vimrc, like any sane developer's, is configured to use spaces instead of tabs (with set expandtab). But sometimes you do actually need to insert a literal tab character (like when you're editing tab-delimited data). The web is pretty unhelpful on this topic — most of its advice is directed toward turning tabs into spaces, not vice-versa. Fortunately, vi's own help content has the answer (:help expandtab): in insert mode, just type [ctrl]-v [tab].

[Ctrl]-v is also useful when you need to insert other control characters, like a carriage return ([ctrl]-v [ctrl]-m), or a null ([ctrl]-v 0), etc. And you can also use it to insert characters via their unicode code-points (like μ [greek mu] with [ctrl]-v u03bc).

The other option for inserting literal tabs (useful if you need a bunch of them) is to temporarily turn off the expandtab setting, so that pressing [tab] in insert mode actually just inserts a literal tab. You can temporarily toggle off the expandtab setting with :set noexpandtab (or just :set noet), and then turn it back on again with :set expandtab (or :set et).

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