Sunday, January 2, 2011

Android SDK Upgrade

Just re-built an old android 1.0 application with the latest sdk (r8); was pretty smooth — all I had to do was:

  1. Install the official java 6 sdk (apt-get install sun-java6-jdk).
  2. Download the latest android sdk.
  3. Install the latest android sdk components.
  4. Download the latest eclipse ide ("classic" package).
  5. Install (and configure) the adt eclipse plugin.
  6. Delete the 1.0 project's .classpath and .project files.
  7. Create a new "android project" in eclipse in the same directory as the old one (where you deleted the old .classpath and .project.
  8. Filter out the .svn directories in eclipse's build path (if I had installed subclipse or something similar I probably could have skipped this).
  9. Add a new uses-sdk element to the AndroidManifest.xml to ignore some retro-fitted permission requirements.
  10. Increment the android:versionCode attribute in the AndroidManifest.xml.
  11. Generate some new android-market graphics (two screenshots, a high-resolution icon, a "promotional" graphic (seems to be used on the market's details page for the app), and a "feature" graphic (seems to be used on the market's top-level page if the app is featured on it).
  12. Clean rebuild, export the package, test it, publish!

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